ThinJack™ is a unique splitting and separating system that can effectively separate flanges, pipeline coatings and other heavy components. The "ThinJack" steel envelope, which is less than 3 mm thick, is inserted between the two items requiring separation, then "inflated" with pressurized fluid, causing the two plates to expand.

Headquartered in Scotland, Industrial Solutions International, Ltd (ISI) provides ThinJack systems and supporting field services on a global basis, either directly or through its global network of trained technicians, representatives and partner organizations. Our Clients include companies operating in the on- and offshore oil and gas production industry, petrochemical refineries and plants, and pipeline construction and maintenance.

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ThinJack is a steel envelope, made of two plates of grade 316L steel. A pressure insertion pipe penetrates the bonded area between the two plates. The resulting steel envelope is typically less than 3mm thick.

ThinJack works by inflating the envelope with hydraulic oil pressure. It expands up to 10-15mm by inflation and exerts hundreds of tonnes of force.

It is the ideal solution to separating and jacking problems in hazardous, difficult access or restricted areas.

Increases productivity

Faster operations, and reduced costs - less time and resources are needed.

Improves safety

No sparks from welding, cutting or hammer tools.

ThinJack is CE Certified, equivalent to US(NEC) Zone 2.



ThinShim works on the principle of completely filling any gaps between the surfaces being separated. This maximizes the force output of the ThinJacks, which is especially critical in increasing the initial gap between the flanges.

After the initial ThinJack operation creates a bigger gap, this gap must be filled with new ThinJacks and ThinShims.

ThinShims are steel plates cut to the exact size of the ThinJacks being used. They are inserted above and below the ThinJacks creating a sandwich around the uninflated ThinJacks. They then assist in spreading the forces created as the ThinJacks are inflated while at the same time protecting the flange surfaces. In completely filling the gap, the ThinJack pushes with maximum area, and so higher forces are created.

ThinShims are manufactured in standard thicknesses from sub millimeter upwards. Inserted individually or in groups, they enable the effective use of ThinJacks during flange separation.



ThinFlate is the energizing system for ThinJack and comprises a purpose-designed set of hydraulic pumps, hoses, and branch manifolds with needle valves for delivering the correct pressures to each ThinJack during operations.

ThinFlate systems are routinely capable of delivering energizing pressures to ThinJacks of up to 30,000 psi (2,068 bar). Pressure is delivered to each ThinJack through individually identified hoses and through specially designed manifolds with individual needle valves to each ThinJack.

This allows the operator to precisely control the energizing of each ThinJack, so that horizontal integrity can be maintained and any jamming of the flange against the studs is avoided.